Me, Blogging….& the Meaning of Life.

OK......I admit it.....I struggle with the whole Blogging thing ! [Check my Frequency!] It's not so much the writing of the words or finding the's just trying to think of what to write that people might be even remotely interested in reading.

So, after a w/end of watching sport, I decided to write about that. Firstly....Wimbledon. Fantastic performance by my fellow Scot Andy Murray....even if his post match interview was bizarre, to say the least. Secondly, the Euros. I have to state right from the outset that I'm a big football fan but to put it bluntly.....the Final; and the majority of the other games were, to use a technical term.....crap. There is no doubting the skill levels on show, but for me 'the game' has lost its way in one very important area.....entertainment. Fans want to see players dribbling, shooting.....goals....not 70% possession by passing a thousand times sideways and back. for today done!

Thanks for reading.....if you have!