The Truth about Me, Brad & Angelina

I know what you’re thinking. You think that just because I’m now VERY famous, and probably have more money than him, that I’m about to tell you that I’ve wooed Angelina Jolie away from Brad Pitt?

Well, no, you are wrong. (although obviously I could) But what I am going to tell you is that the two of them walked down my little street the other day, and didn’t even pop-in to say hello. The only reason I know this is 1. My next door neighbour told me and 2. It was all over the bloody papers; photos as well.

Malta has quite an infra structure for film making, and offers good incentives for films to be made here: Gladiator / Troy to name but two.

BUT, that is not my point. My point is how fame changes people. Who do those two think they are? I don’t believe for a minute that they didn’t know where I live, so why no visit? Well, it ain’t over till the fat lady sings. (Which reminds me, did you see Susan Boyle forgetting her words at the Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony ? You’d think she wasn’t right in the head!)

Right, back to the Pitts.....they are the pits. They’re going to start filming here in October, just outside Mgarr, the port where the ferry lands. We’ll see about that.....hold on, my phone is ringing.

Eh, OK, that was a mate saying Brad’s film company are looking for extras......need to go. Bye.

Pic for Blog 2

Got new business cards made. Daniel Craig inspired me: the quote on the back of my card. I do get odd looks......but good service.....when I hand them out.