What the hell am I doing?!

Pic for Blog 1.Well, let me tell you.

I’d reached a point in my life where it was a straight choice between blowing my brains out; or completely changing my life.

Not having a gun handy, I sat down and asked myself: What do you like doing? What sort of lifestyle would you live if you could?

The answers?... I wanted to try & making a living as a Full Time writer, and I wanted to do it whilst living somewhere warm.

So... spoke to family... they told me to go for it. Job?... packed it in. Flat... gave it up. Car...  sold it.

I knew I would need some money before I made millions from book sales... what to do... and where.

Long story, but opted for Malta. Good weather, speak English, drive on the right, that’s left!, side of the road. Not expensive to live and, in the main, happy people.

But, what to work at? My days as a fantastic football player were long gone (although, bizarrely no team ever actually wanted me) my male modelling days had been cut short due to a terrible misunderstanding (I asked Donatella Versace if she was auditioning for a zombie movie – see latest photos! - WTF) and I just wasn't prepared to keep appearing in “tasteful” movies – no questions please; it’s all behind me now, no pun intended.

At this point I’ll need to admit to a little cheating. My first book, Defending Joe, had been out for about a year and had done well; so that encouraged me to take the plunge. Also, I’d done a bit of lecturing in F.E. colleges in Scotland, and knew I could do that without being assaulted by the students. Therefore, and to cut a long story short: I got a TEFL qualification, and started teaching English in Malta.

Things were OK, but I wasn’t doing any writing... decision time... again.

Gave up teaching, moved to a VERY quiet village in Gozo... and my second novel, The Maltese Orphans, was completed 6 months later.

Finally, can I just say that I love Winnie the Pooh, so here is a very important life lesson.